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Blizzard: The 1st extensible Snow plow for Pick Up Truck

Blizzard Snow plow on Pick Up Truck

Five years ago, the Blizzard Snowplows Cie of Michigan introduce on the market the first extensible Snow plow for to 1 tons Pick Up Trucks and 140000 to 27000 MTC medium trucks. After four years of success on the American market, the Blizzard Snow plow where introduce in Canada.

Blizzard Snow plow side wings

The particular distinction of the Blizzard Power plow over conventional snow plow for pick up truck is the wings extensibility on the sides and on the front: 8' to 10' for the 810 model and 11' for the 8611 one.

The main benefits of the Blizzard Snow plow are the pushing power, 20% more than conventional snow plow, and 50% reduction on time consuming. Other benefits are the joystick control, the full hydraulic pump system and the easy attachment system. The Blizzard Snow plow for Pick Up Truck can also be adapted to most of the Tractors.

Blizzard Snow plow in bucket shape

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