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The 990H Wheel Loader from CAT® have low emission engine, advanced cooling circuit and a more comfortable driving unit.
Caterpillar 990H Loader The New Caterpillar 990H Wheel Loader - (CAT 990H).

The 990H Loader from Caterpillar outlines many innovations that reduces motor emission, improves reliability and durability, eases maintenance and maximises operator efficiency and comfort. The CAT 990H Loader replaces the CAT 990G model from the II series, from which he keep the most attractive features: Cycle times for high productivity; Loading capacity perfectly adjusted to standard Belly Dump Trucks; STICTM system for flexible driving and much more. It has been show that the CAT 990H Loader makes the lowest moved ton cost in his category.

The Caterpillar 900H Loader is built for mining exploitation, brut material handling and earthwork requiring huge ground moving. Working like a Front Loader or like a Backhoe, the powerful CAT 990 Loader can load efficiently 54 to 91 tons Truck Containers. Furthermore, the standard height lifting Loader model displays 15 tons useful load for a 77842 Kg weight in working order. The Bucket capacity varies from 8,4 to 9,2 m3.

The CAT 990H Loader Driving Unit Comfort

The CAT 990H Loader spacious cabin provides excellent visibility on work area. The sound levels inside the driving unit are less than 75 dB(A). The Caterpillar Comfort Seat is granted with pneumatic suspension and can be adjusted according operator needs, while instructor seat support appropriate training on operational and security levels.

The Caterpillar 990H Loader is equipped with built-in security system for transmission and direction (STIC) allowing operator making direction and ratio changes with simple one-hand movements. Result: Flexible driving with minimum effort.

Some of the New Caterpillar 990H Loader features

Motor Model: CAT C27 ACERT
Gross Power: kW
Net Power (Caterpillar): 468 kW
Nominal useful load: 15 tons
Bucket capacity: 8,4 to 9,2 m3
Dump Height at 45° - standard: 4135 mm
Dump Height at 45° - high reach: 4518 mm
Dump Reach – standard: 1799 mm
Dump Reach – high reach: 2540 mm
Static balance load: 43392 kg (line)
Lifting Strength*
Standard: 594 kN
High reach: 561 kN
Weight in working order: 77842 kg.

*V truncated blade cut Bucket with teeth and segments

For more information on the Caterpillar 990h Loader
or other Caterpillar Heavy Equipment

Visit this web site: CAT HEAVY EQUIPMENT
Or reach Hewitt: phone: 514-630-3100 • 1-866-444-9944

(1) CATERPILLAR: American Giant and Heavy Equipment world leader. Caterpillar is also a major Engine manufacturer for Trucks and Heavy Equipment.

(2) HEWITT: Huge Canadian depositary of Caterpillar Heavy Equipment including the CAT 990H Loader.

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